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A1V Reflective Insulation

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BuyReflectiveInsulation.com - What makes our reflective insulation better?

  • Available in 50' and 128' (3' longer than standard 125' rolls) lengths
  • 50" wide (2" wider than standard) to include an adhesive tab for ease of installation

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A1V Ayr-Foil™ reflective insulation is a uniquely designed system of materials comprised of layers of insulating, heat sealed air cells encased by a 99% pure aluminum foil outer surface. Ayr-Foil™ acts as a radiant and vapor barrier preventing overheating, and condensation with R-values directionally tested up to 14.6.

Why do I need reflective insulation?

AYR-FOIL™ can reduce heat gain by as much as 78% in attic spaces, which in turn reduces your air conditioning bills. When used in conjunction with fiberglass insulation, AYR-FOIL™ can also improve fibrous insulation performance by as much as 50%.
Used under metal roofs (new or re-roofing), it reflects the heat, keeping the building cooler. It also prevents water infiltration and condensation with AYR-FOIL™ A1V or A2V products.
Bottom line - it reduces heating and air conditioning bills and is a vapor barrier – keeping things dry.

How easy is A1v reflective foil to apply?

With a quick seam adhesive pull strip on one side, it’s a snap. You lay one strip of insulation, pull the strip off the adhesive edge, lay the next strip on top, press and go!  No staples, tabs or folding of edges and trying to get them "even". Best of all – no tape to fumble with or cut!

Where can I use reflective insulation?

The uses are endless – here are just a few:

  1. Post frame or metal building roof insulation - on top of the trusses before you install the roofing material.
  2. Metal Re-roof - over the shingles and under the furring material
  3. Attic Barrier - Retro fit attic spaces to reduce heat gain by as much as 78%
  4. House Wrap - protects framing and insulation systems from condensation
  5. Duct Insulation - prevents condensation, reduces noise and vibrations
  6. Water Heater Tank - Save up to 18% on tank heat loss
  7. Behind vinyl siding - Used as a house wrap
  8. Basement walls
  9. Crawl spaces - reflective attic insulation
  10. Underpad for carpeting or laminated flooring

Ayr-Foil™ Addresses Heat & Condensation

Heat Transfer

  • Ayr-Foil™ acts as a radiant barrier, stopping 97% of radiant heat
  • Acts as a convective heat barrier in addition to having intrinsic R-Value
  • 3-in 1 system addresses all types of heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiant)
  • Ayr-Foil™ will typically lower the temperature of a metal building by 25 degrees


  • Creates a vapor barrier and thermal break that virtually eliminates condensation

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